BEMSimpleLineGraph : iOS Chart Library

BEMSimpleLineGraph : iOS Chart Library

BEMSimpleLineGraph is an iOS charting library that helps you create simple line graphs/charts. In addition to recording and displaying data, BEMSimpleLineGraph can also perform advanced calculations with your data. Graphs created using this library can also react to touch events. When the user touches and moves his finger along the graph, the labels on top of the graph indicate the value of the closest point. You can also customize and control the animation, colors, and alpha of the graph. The project page contains detailed documentation that explains the properties and features of the library. A sample app is included with the project that demonstrates how to correctly setup and use the BEMSimpleLineGraph library.




Add BEMSimpleLineGraph to your Podfile,

pod 'BEMSimpleLineGraph', '~> 2.1'
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