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The App Store is very competitive with over a million apps, more than a 30 billion downloads and still counting. There is an increasing number of developers with lot of expectations of delivering chart buster apps. A successful marketing strategy should be adopted to become a winning app with lot of downloads and sales. If you are a mobile app developers and want to develop one, you need to understand the rankings, how the ecosystem work and focus on the target segment which clearly differentiates the best from others. The marketing methods you adopt reveal a lot which can be used for maximizing the success rate with apps. How to popularize your app which is much talked by people, and make them buy it, and share it with friends?

The simple answer is to hire an app developer who can show you the way to professional development and marketing your app as well.

App Developer Advice You How to Market Your App

If you follow the simple rules given below, you will improve your chances of making it a winning app. These tips and tricks are simple and they are mostly neglected during the marketing plan.

  • Unique value

The best way to position your application is to stand out from the crowded App Store. This can be achieved by building a unique app that is inspiring and encouraging. There are thousands of apps which are run-of-the mill kind of apps with mobile app developer trying to make some quick money. Try to develop up a new product or make add-on to the existing categories. It will be an uphill task to push your app if you are just trying to make some improvements to something which is already available.

  • Innovation

When you want to launch your application, or already available in the market and you want to maximize the exposure of the app so that new users can download apps weeks or even months after the launch. What kind of target audience you are going to need? How to popularize your app in many places?

  • Out of the box ideas

Very few have the ability to spin out new categories in the market. Unless you have an out of the box app idea, make some improvisations to the existing category on the feature or leveraging the hardware for creating a unique experience. This way you can spark interest and grab the attention of the crowd and that’s how you have to sell the apps in the App Store.

  • Target audience

Analyze your app ideas, research competitors and identify the target audience to evaluate sales potential.

  • Promotions through dedicated website

Create a website to promote your app and use App Store for distribution of the product. You have to provide links to the App in the App Store so that whoever finds your app can find their way to your website directly. Concurrently, provide custom links from your own website.

  • In-app Marketing

There are various business models to monetize your app such as in-app advertisements, affiliate programs, and In-App Purchases.

  • Social Media integration

Harmonize your app with social networks such Twitter and Facebook. Use Twitter as a tool for people to talk about your one and achieve visibility for better income.

Application Developer Can Assist You in Anything You Need

As you can see an application developer is always going to help you no matter what. You are now informed about the tactics you can use to market your app, but remember whenever you feel the need for professional support you should know that application developer is ready to assist you any time you need!


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