App Design

The number of iPhone users is rising at an alarming pace. This has led to the formation of a complete different market segment. This market segment if left untapped is going to be a loss for your business. Moreover the competitors will not stop from taking the best advantage of this defect in you.

App Design

As time goes by your website needs to be compatible with the operating system and platform of the iPhone. There are many iPhone designers and developers in the market but if you do not have the basic knowledge there are chances that phony iPhone designers and developers may take you for a ride.

Your ignorance could be fatal for your iPhone web development venture. Here are some of the key aspects to be considered when thinking of iPhone app design.

Mobile App Design – Key Aspects to Consider During the Process

  • Image Content:

A lot of images can create problems and slow down the downloading speed. The images should be optimized but care should be taken when using small images. Detailing and visual ability should be the prime considerations. If the image is kept on the top side of the page it is going to occupy more space and increase the downloading time duration. The edges of the images should be crisp. The use of alt tags helps the website in becoming search engine friendly as well as fills the gap in case of image not being loaded. Images that are bigger than screen size should be split with the help of ‘href’ tag.

  • Text Content:

The text content should be in a single format. The use of scroll should be avoided. It is better to hit the bull’s eye rather than beat about the bush. The Geneva fonts should be used to make the text readable. The Latin 1 character set should be used because this character is supported by iPhone.

  • Careful:

Some of the technologies are not supported by the iPhone, especially the Flash based websites. This implies that iPhone web development should not be done with the help of Flash.

  • Easy linking:

The size of the iPhone screen is comparatively smaller than that of the desktop PCs and Laptops. So the URLs should be shortened to fit the size of the iPhone screen. To ease the pressing, restrict the length of the text of the link anchor to 5-6 characters.

  • Easy Navigation:

The top side should not have the navigation. The headlines should be at the top followed by the content and finally at the end comes the navigation.

A lot of business would like their websites to be compatible with the operating system and platform of the iPhone. Avail the services of a professional iPhone design & developer who is reliable at delivering quality service and assure handsome return on investment.

What to Remember when Design App

As you can see the process of design app and develop the app isn’t that hard as it seems. All you need to remember are these key aspects and you will complete the whole process with ease. If you are having any kind of struggles or difficulties you can always ask for a help from a professional app designer. The professional app designer will guide you from beginning to the end, guaranteeing you positive results!


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