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Despite the growing number of mobile applications available in the market today, this industry is still young. That means developers and users are still getting a hang of what works and what doesn’t. Clearly, there are plenty of things still left to be learnt.

So far, we have come across hundreds of iPhone apps. There are certain patterns that are clearly noticeable in the apps that become an instant hit as compared to those which even fail to get noticed.

App Design UK – 4 Tips to Use When Designing an iPhone app

What follows below are certain tips which will help any iPhone development enthusiast to design better user interfaces. These are not relevant to which platform you are working for but keeping them in mind will surely help you on the path of monetization.

  • Keep your app simple. It always wins hearts

Yes, we do know this has been mentioned thousands and thousands times, but apparently, iPhone app designers and developers need to hear it again. It is a common misconception among developers that the features of an application are directly proportionate to its success. However, only opposite of it is true. The simpler an app is, more will be the interest that mobile community will take into it. Take an example from successful iPhone apps and you will realize that this is absolutely true. Remember – you can always take out a next version that can cover all your extended features and give users time to get used to them with time.

  • Use brains while developing the app

Let we ask you a simple question: if someone launches an iPhone app for the first time, and the customers are embraced it with a signup screen, why would they want to waste time in launching the internet browser, complete the registration for your services and sign into your app without even knowing what they are going to get in return?

  • Learn from the masters

Social networking sites are full of developers who have made it big on the designing and developing front. Join these sites not to waste time looking photographs, playing games or commenting on others’ statuses but to learn. Linking with people from own community will introduce you to different ways of developing the same application.

  • Time is definitely short

Yes, we all are living 2000 years ahead of Jesus. The real world is moving very fast. The moment you take to blink your eyes, new product gets launched in that. The mobile industry is moving faster too and people are impatient to anything that takes more than 30 seconds to download. If you are a developer who’s working to engrave a client’s logo in the users’ brain, do it wisely.

Remember these 4 helpful tips and make sure to use them when designing and developing an app. Maybe at the beginning of the development process you will have your own difficulties and struggles but in the end it will be all worth it. If you need you can always hire the help of a professional app designer. The professional app designer will guide you through the process of app designing and developing from beginning to end, so you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about the whole process. Think of it as a personal guidance that will going to help you achieve amazing results and design a perfect app!

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