AndroidFloatLabel : Float Label Pattern Implementation

Working with a form with many fields can be difficult for the user if the form is not implemented correctly. For example a short form with placeholder text (that indicate what the fields are for) is great, but throw in a couple more fields and chances are user will get confused which field is which in case he needs to go back/edit something after filling the form as the placeholder text will be gone once you fill in the field with data. Float Label pattern tries to solve this very issue. Once you fill in (or start typing) data into a form field (which initially displayed only a placeholder) a label that indicates what that field is for, floats with an animation to the top of the entered text, effectively implementing a label for that field.

AndroidFloatLabel is an Android library with a custom view that lets you implement the Float Label pattern easily. The custom view consists of an EditText and a TextView. Watch the demo video to see the interaction in action.

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