AndroidCommons : Useful Utilities for Android Apps Development

AndroidCommons is a set of various useful utilities for Android apps development. Included are,

  • Views : Utility class to find views within layout with implicit types casting.
  • Fonts : Utility to set custom fonts for all views extending TextView, uses android:tag to store font info.
  • Intents : Helper methods to start external apps.
  • SpannableBuilder : SpannableStringBuilder implementation that helps applying various text styles to single TextView.
  • InstanceStateManager : Helper methods to save and restore instance state of activities and fragments.
  • Preferences & PreferencesHelper : Helper methods to store various values in SharedPreferences.
  • ItemsAdapter & LayoutItemsAdapter : BaseAdapter implementations to be used with java.util.List. LayoutItemsAdapter class provides methods to populate any ViewGroup with views from adapter with optional views recycling mechanism.
  • KeyboardHelper : Helper methods to show / hide keyboard and determine keyboard state.
  • Convertable & ConvertUtils : Helper utils to convert one set of objects into another.
  • FillWidthImageView : ImageView that will be scaled to fit entire available width preserving aspect ratio.
  • ThreadSafeDateFormatter : Thread safe wrapper for SimpleDateFormatter.
  • AdvancedDateFormatter : Extends SimpleDateFormatter and adds some postprocessing commands.
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  • Price : Free
  • License : Apache License, Version 2.0
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