Android TamilUtil : Convert Unicode String to Bamini, Anjal, TAB, TAM and TSCII


Tamil is a widely used language that enjoys official status in a couple of Indian states and Sri Lanka and Singapore. It is also prevalent in Malaysia, Mauritius and Myanmar. With many new apps coming from these regions and many of them targeted at the Tamil speaking population, supporting the Tamil language in your app can be a vital issue.

However, most of the pre ICS Android devices do not support Unicode Tamil and as a result,TypeFace is used with non-unicode fonts to display Tamil in Android applications, while contents available in UTF-8 as Unicode is the universal standard now. The Android-TamilUtil library helps you in converting Unicode string to non-unicode string with just few lines of code. The library supports the following encodings,

  • Bamini
  • Anjal
  • TAB
  • TAM

Usage instruction for the library are provided on the Github project pageĀ and the project repo also includes an example application.

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