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Android application development is booming right now! More ‘n’ more people prefer to use Android over the iPhone or any other smart phones due to its easy to use and interactive apps. Today, Android application market is on its peak with more than 4 lacs applications listed in android store and still the count is on. Many expert Android developers get success to create quality applications but not all are the same, some novice android developers often do make some minor but crucial mistakes while developing android applications.

Android Developer – What Should You Avoid?

Below, we tried to list out some major mistakes that any new or novice android developers should avoid during their first android application development.

  • Inappropriate planning and development approach! This is very common mistake made by new android coder. They often forget to analyze the market trend or fail to catch the nerves of users, which at the end results in poor response from target audience and users. Just try to understand your target audience requirements first!
  • Improper and poor UI Design! Many new android programmers often forget about user experience and importance of appealing UI design. Application developer should keep in mind that if they won’t make user experience pleasant and enjoyable, they will at the end lose them and fails to get success in application development. Also Android UI designs may vary from device to device so it is important to create app UI which can smoothly run on any screen size.
  • Poor compatibility with different Android OS versions! Android has been changed a lot from its first version, as you can see from the various versions available for you today. But many developers develop app which works with particular OS version, which is big mistake as users hardly stick to any specific version for a long time. So, it is advisable to create app which works well with all the versions of OS.
  • Inappropriate configuration information! Many app developers often deliver unsuitable configuration information in androidmanifest.xml file, which leads difficult to reuse the platform and its service again.
  • Using too many features and functionalities in app! Many newly entered app developers include tones of features and functionalities they know in one application, which at the end make the app complex and reduce the usability of the app. So, try to highlight and include needed functionalities & features in app.
  • Also many developers forget to consider battery life and memory management, which leads poor performance of app. Try to avoid such critical mistakes.

So, these are some crucial mistakes that novice android app programmer should avoid!

Professional Android Application Development

You are now informed about the possible mistakes during the process of Android app development.  If you are feeling unsecure or not competent enough you should consider hiring a suitable Android Application Development Company to help you with your app development plan. They are skillful enough to guarantee you results and perfectly developed application. Choosing to work with professionals maybe it your best option if this is your first time developing an app. Remember the market is increasing every day, there are competitors on every corner, so having a app development company is definitely the right thing for you to do it. So, why waiting? Don’t let competitors grab the best company! Make your move as soon as possible!

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